BrainDagger Films is a Cleveland-based video and music production studio,  producing videos for causes, events, non-profits, bands, businesses, etc. that Moe and Kathryn find interesting, entertaining, or thought-provoking. If your business is interested in hiring us to produce a video we would be thrilled to hear from you! You can reach Moe on the contact page at the bottom of the site. For sample videos click on the upper right corner of the page or scroll down.

We just opened a branch in Jaco, Costa Rica, and are very proud to serve the entire country. PURA VIDA!

Recently we released a 30-minute documentary short for the film festival circuit known by "As Organism". We were awarded 40+ laurels from festivals around the world! We are currently working on a groundbreaking, ten-part docuseries with "As Organism" as the pilot/proof of concept. BrainDagger is in talks with major networks right now! We also released "Gelker in the Treehouse", the story of a family trying to make it through the coronavirus in Costa Rica at their isolated jungle treehouse. This one has got us 12 Laurels so far! Most recently we entered our documentary on Ohio's terrible House Bill Six (HB6) into IndieX Film Festival and it has already won Best Mockumentary/Docucomedy! We are also partnering up with One Blood Records 

to promote a new concert/music festival series in Costa Rica called "Arte Pura Vida". Our goal is to give up-and-coming Latin American artists a voice and a chance to perform with some of the biggest names around. We have just completed our fifth film and are looking into festivals for the world premiere right now. Unfortunately, this

means we can't show it on our website for now but here is the poster at least lol.


“The Importance of Strange Perceptions” | Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review


The Importance of Strange Perceptions, by Moe Taylor (Director, Editor, Writer, Producer), explores the world of psychedelics, while more specifically focusing on the psychoactive substance ayahuasca, and the journeys a few people experienced in their pursuit of trying to find answers to issues about themselves that they were attempting to understand.

Wanting to “explode your head” the project jumps right into the deep end with exploring the concept of “what is reality” and mankind’s explorative nature, and it’s pursuit of pushing ever outward into the oceans and onward into outer space, but then ponders what if some of our most important discoveries aren’t the complex inner workings of our own minds that we have only begun to try and understand.

Connecting the threads of humans needing to understand one’s own self in order to heal oneself, the project discusses the explored concept of “releasing the valves” of your mind in order to expand your perception. If “every organism on Earth understands reality differently” then perhaps psychedelics could be a different alternative to the accepted traditional substances that might “only treat symptoms without getting to the core issues”.

One of the things I enjoyed, was that all the people in the project were really able to articulate their experiences in a very thoughtful and concise way. Their experiences left me thinking that they were able to get something from their journeys that they were needing and just were not able to find before. But at the same time, the project wasn’t about advocating for people to just go try ayahuasca or take other psychedelics. The project really just shared some stories and encouraged people to think about things a little differently, if you’re in need of finding some inner peace or structure, and that “knowledge is good”.

So yeah, I thought the project was really well done on many levels. Moe projects that this project was “edited in a rapid chaotic form in the hopes that the viewer can get a dose of what it was like being [himself]”, but to me The Importance of Strange Perceptions was visually stimulating and complex, but in those complexities all the pieces fit together nearly perfect and therefore simplified a lot of information and philosophical ideas, so you were able to see the forest through the communicative trees.


Again, Moe Taylor (Editor), prefaces the project with explaining that the hectic style of the edit was deliberate to emphasize the inner workings of his head. But that style is almost creating a genre on its own and I think he has mastered the craft of stock video narration. How the BrainDagger Films team is able to blend the interviews with the stock video, and then blend more stock video into other stock video is quite amazing. Some of the connections are just like, “how did they even think to look for that type of stock footage”. I don’t know. It’s an art onto itself.

Besides that I thought the narration, by Brain Stivale, was perfect for the project. Sound was great and had no issues. The original music was great. Only thing that I thought could have been better was the green screen interview effects. There was a contrast at times between the high resolution stock footage and some of the green screen edges, but green screen is an art to itself and being on location and dealing with budgets, it’s tough, so I get that it wasn’t perfect, but by no means distracted from the project overall. I love the projects, like this one, were you can just sit back and watch and not get distracted by the technical issues. Great job everybody on The Importance of Strange Perceptions.

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As Organism (2021) - IMDb

Join Rachel Sellers and Alan Watts for a journey in scale from the subatomic world to the edge of the cosmos as they open your eyes to the possibilities of the universe as a single organism. Discover the range of patterns that design the world around us and the mathematical properties inherent in the building blocks of everything we know.

With this understanding of the world around us we can learn to comprehend our perceived enemies' point of view and hopefully treat our fellow man a little better. There isn't much hope for society and civilization as we know it if we can't get along. We are in the midst of a global societal collapse and it is important to show films like this so we can possibly slow it down and maybe even stop it before it's too late. STOP HATING PEOPLE BEFORE YOU MEET THEM. Please?

The film is available on 

Indie Films Online | Film Catalogue | Renderyard

As Organism | Space Faring Civilisation (SFC) Films (


Home - SPACE TODAY - NASA, Space X, Exploração Espacial e Notícias Astronômicas em Português

The trailer is available below.


As Organism - SCRIPT to INDIE

As Organism | Film Threat

As Organism. IndyRed's review of the short film, As Organism.

Excerpts from these interviews:

“As Organism is a blazingly fast documentary that takes its queues from the original Bill Nye the Science Guy show from the 90s and throws in a wallop of caffeine.”


“If you think a science documentary has to be super boring, think again... this short film is absolute proof of that.”

“If you want a great masterclass of how to edit for interest, As Organism would work wonderfully as a teaching tool but make no mistake, you just may find yourself lost in the film. I'm pretty confident that was the plan all along.”


“It's loud, and it's fun, and it also teaches you something.”


“The style is 100% catchy: thumbs up and four stars.”


“There is more non-human about you than what is actually human”


“This lower-budget short film has outdone plenty of the big guy productions I've seen from a technical standpoint.”


“As for the film in its entirety? Excellent. Very well done.”


“It has no problem keeping you hooked no matter what you believe.”


“As it was stated in the film, "As Organism" could lead to an overload of the mind - but as long as you keep a little of what you've seen in the back of your head, your perception of things may forever be altered.”


“There's nothing basic about this short film - at all.”


“We are barraged with one video image after the other. It’s vibrant, colorful, and relentless.”

“Moe Taylor’s As Organism is a documentary short, shot in a visually over-stimulating MTV style that is hard to pull off and so easy to fail. In Taylor’s case, he found the secret, and it works.”


“There are so many projects out there and that most of them are just retreads of stories, but apparently new takes on concepts are still out there to be found, and that is nice to know.”


“Great job on the project and I am glad it looks like As Organism is being recognized for the quality project that it is.”


Best Documentary Short: Cannes World Film Festival

Best Web Series/ TV Pilot: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival
Best Documentary Short: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival
Best Editing: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival

Best Producer: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival
Best Documentary Short: Onyko Film Awards

Best Documentary Short/ Diamond Award: Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque

Best Short Documentary (1st): Kosice International Monthly Film Festival

Best Documentary Short: Rameshwaram International Film Festival (RIFF)

Best Sound Design: Big Sur Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement Award/ Sound Editing: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival

Nominee: Film Olympiad

Finalist: L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival (LIAFF)

Finalist: “Euro Fest” European International Film Festival

Finalist: Crown Wood International Film Festival

Finalist: Prague International Film Festival

Finalist: 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival

Honorable Mention: Indie Eye Film Awards
Honorable Mention: London International Film Festival

Official Selection: IndieX Film Fest

Official Selection: Anatolia Film Festival

Official Selection: Independent Shorts Awards
Official Selection: Best Shorts Competition
Official Selection: ISAAF, St. Petersburg Russia
Official Selection: Mabig Film Festival

Official Selection: Barcelona International Film Festival

Official Selection: Aquarius Film Festival


The Viral Limit 

(Take Warning)

  A sci-fi novel from the mind of Moe Taylor. Two mountain climbers in the backcountry near Mt. Rainier discover the Human Race is simply a planetary virus meant to acclimatize the planet for a new mastermind species during a never before seen apocalyptic storm. 
Now in talks to become a major motion picture! Check out Moe's agent's pitch deck below.

We are an official production company for the Discovery network.

Gelker in the Treehouse

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Espiritu del jaguar

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Join a young Ricardo Pepe' as he journeys to the end of the Earth and discovers his true soul with an ancient jungle tribe who follow the way of the jaguar. Once a successful businessman, he trades in all his belongings so he can truly find inner peace.

Click on an album cover to listen:

Costa Rican rapper

"Hard Core (Nucleo Dura)" is a new song made as the theme for our next documentary currently in production called,"The Importance of Strange Perceptions".

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Cheeseplate Manufacturer


(You must watch to the end, it's funny!)

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Applications For The BrainDagger Films Video Production Incubator Are Now Being Accepted. Video Production Crash Course. (

BrainDagger Films is starting a collective/incubator where college students and up and coming filmmakers can use our equipment and experience to create projects of their own and shape themselves into the professionals they know they can be with the right creative support. We are open to producing projects of this type at no cost to our members. We will be encouraging them to do videos about charitable organizations or topics that can help others but they are more than welcome to work on whatever they like. We are taking applications right now.  Send demo reel and an outline of a project you would like us to produce to:

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Repeal HB6!!!

An Introduction to House Bill Six and why it should be repealed

Kathryn Gets a pie in the face 

and shaved head

(For her students)

the Yeti Spaghetti experiment.

The Discovery

One day Moe saw a homeless hip hop artist named Yeti Spaghetti rapping for spare change downtown and stopped to listen for a minute. He was entertained so he bought the man a meal, listened to his story and got to know him. Eventually Moe decided to help the struggling artist and produce an album for him at the BrainDagger studio. Moe saw potential in his raw style and convinced him to serve out his time in county jail for a warrant so he could make money from his music legally. Then he was to go to rehab in exchange for the funding of a studio album. One year later and he’s already released two hit singles, “Dopeboy (feat. Queso Blanco[Moe])” and "Flyguy (feat. Queso Blanco) (Moe laid down the tracks). he reached #1 on the reverbnation charts, has over nine million views on Soundcloud, airplay in 16 countries and released his first album “Cleveland” on Mar 15 2019. His life is going in a whole new direction. CLICK ON THE LINKS!!!

Featured in Cleveland Scene Magazine:

Once Homeless and Addicted to Drugs, Local Rapper Yeti Spaghetti Will Release His Debut Album and Perform at Wilbert's This Week | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog (

Moe's Coronavirus fitness transformation

When the lockdowns began Moe bought a home gym and spent the year of loneliness eating right and getting ripped. Of course he's gonna show off the before and after photos!

Moe's Navy Journalist design

Fun Fact! Moe is a retired Navy Journalist. That's where he learned the basics of video production before perfecting his skills as a producer for NBC. This is the Navy Journalist patch he designed.

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